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Alderwood in Etobicoke Elms-Old Rexdale
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Payday Loans in Edenbridge-Humber Valley, Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario

Humber Valley Village is a neighborhood in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. Edenbridge is the name of the house that was built by Robert Home Smith after he purchased most of the land surrounding it, around 1805. At the time, Humber Valley Village was used for agriculture. Construction of more residential homes began to pick up pace around the 1930s and spanned through the 1960s. Because of the time it took to develop, a variety of different types of homes can be found in the area which reflect the fashion changes of each era.

Humner Valley Village is considered the wealthiest part of Etobicoke and it is home to a variety of prominent schools, such as, The Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Richview Collegiate Institute. The popularity of the schools in the area created a need for a lottery system that would determine who, outside of the boundaries, could be accepted into the schools.

In the area is the Humbertown Shopping center as well as the landscaped park, James Garden.

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