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Payday Loans in Islington-City Centre West, Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario

Islington-City Centre West is a neighborhood in the Etobicoke district of Toronto, Ontario. In 1832, the village of Mimico was founded in the area to serve as a way-station for travellers headed west out of Toronto. Islington separated itself in the 1860s and grew with the introduction of a railway through the town. The neighborhood remained relatively undeveloped and rural until the 1950s. Then, the post-World War II boom and expansion of the city of Toronto encouraged Islington to shift to a more high-density commercial and residential scheme. There were hopes of creating a second downtown in the neighborhood. This effort included the introduction of several subway stops to facilitate travel and was only partially successful.

Islington-City Centre West today is a mix of residential and commercial properties. There is a historic shopping district and the Historic Village of Islington section has been designated a business improvement area, where local merchants contribute to the upkeep and enhancement of the neighborhood. Most of the housing is comprised of mostly single-family homes, many dating to the post-War boom period. The Mimico Creek runs through the area, providing many lush green parks to the neighborhood.

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