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Payday Loans in Markland Wood, Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario

Markland Wood is one of the landmark neighbourhoods in Toronto. One can fine Markland Wood in the central western region of the city, and it is bordered by the Etobicoke Creek to the west and Elmcrest Creek in the east. This region was founded in 1958, when the land was purchased by Mark Cavotti of the Silverthorn family. In 1965, the neighbourhood construction was finally complete. The area is informally governed by the Markland Homes Association, which strives to "Create, Foster, and Maintain the Community Spirit in Markland Wood". The Association publishes 10 issues of its newsletter to the public each year.

The region of Markland Wood is very active and holds many annual events, such as an Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Family Fun Days and an Annual Community Garage Sale in May. The area includes schools for all ages and is well-known for Millwood Park, a beautiful open forest.

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