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Payday Loans in Rexdale-Kipling, Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario

Rexdale-Kipling is a neighborhood in the Etobicoke district of Toronto, Ontario. This area was mostly rural or industrial land for much of its history until the 1950s, when post-World War II immigrants to the Toronto area caused a rapid urbanization of western Toronto. A diverse collection of housing emerged to meet this demand. High-rises and rentals properties line the outskirts of the neighborhood, separating it from the remaining nearby industrial areas. Inside this border are the single-family homes.

Rexdale-Kipling was originally populated primarily with European immigrants, mostly from England, Ireland, and Scotland. As these generations matured and their children left the area, they have been slowly replaced with newer immigrants. These include a large proportion of South Asians and South Americans. In the most recent decade, the neighborhood has seen a shift in its economic diversity. The middle class families occupying the single-family homes have been replaced or become more affluent, with a doubling of the percentage of families earning over $100,000 and a sharp drop in the number of middle-income families. This has further divided the neighborhood between working class and, now, upper-middle class families.

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