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Payday Loans in West Humber-Clairville, Toronto, Etobicoke, Ontario

West Humber-Clairville is a neighborhood in the northwestern corner of Toronto, Ontario. Clairville began as a village in the 1850s but was largely abandoned when the Humber River was dammed for a reservoir, cutting off easy access to Toronto proper. Following World War II, the population of Toronto grew enormously and land and housing was needed. A highway was built into the area in the 1970s, providing access to the area once again.

Clairville is primarily an industrial and commercial section of the West Humber-Clairville neighborhood. Its location on the extreme edge of Toronto provides open space necessary for construction of factories and shopping and business centers.

West Humber and the remainder of Clairville are residential neighborhoods that house a high number of recent immigrants. High density apartment complexes and public housing were built to provide homes to a number of different groups. Most of the population, nearly 40%, is from South Asia but there are also a number of European, Caribbean, and East Asian immigrants.

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