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Payday Loans in Bayview Village, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Bayview Village is a neighbourhood in the North York district of Toronto, Ontario. This neighbourhood was carefully planned and created in 1954 by a group of developers. Much of the land is on or near the Don Valley Parklands. In an effort to maintain the natural beauty of the area, the developers adopted a policy of trying to"fit the community into the landscape and not the landscape into the community." This effort was seen as successful, and the Don Valley Parklands are a centrepiece of the neighbourhood today.

Bayview Village is an affluent neighbourhood with a strong sense of community. Over half the residents are members of the Bayview Village Association, which monitors the community, discusses and solves issues, and contributes volunteer hours to improving the neighbourhood. Most of the homes remain from the original construction in the 1950s. In addition to the Don Valley Parklands, the North York YMCA and the upscale Bayview Village Shopping Centre form the core of the community's recreational and commercial activities.

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