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Payday Loans in Clanton Park, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Clanton Park is a small neighbourhood (approx 13,000) located in Toronto, Ontario. It is also sometimes referred to as Dublin Heights or Wilson Heights. Clanton Park was settled in approximately 1827 by an Irish merchant. He came from Ireland and started this neighbourhood as a farm. He turned his farm into a small town including a general store and later a schoolhouse. This small neighbourhood eventually became part of what is today known as Toronto but was once called North York.

Clanton Park is a community comprised up of many types of ethnic populations. The largest is Jewish. This is closely followed by Italian, Filipino, and Russian. A well known synagogue is located in this neighbourhood. It is the Beth David synagogue. It was designed in 1969 and was done as an example of cast concrete construction.

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Clanton Park is located between Downsview Park and Earl Bales park. It is bordered on the north by Sheppard Ave West and on the west by the Downsview airport. It has a wide range of housing and people living here. It contains 1950's bungalows but also has new condominiums available. There are some low income housing available as well. We are happy to say that we can offer loans to people in all of these areas.

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