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Payday Loans in Flemingdon Park, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Flemingdon Park is a neighborhood in the North York district of Toronto, Ontario. This neighborhood was developed from the farmland of Robert John Fleming who donated his land to the city after his death in 1925. In the 1950s, Toronto was expanding greatly in the post-World War II boom. A plan was conceived and implemented to create a neighborhood of apartments on the public land of Flemingdon. This would help the city house the enormous number of immigrants arriving in the city at that time. Throughout the 1960s, apartments were built and the neighborhood was completed in the early 1970s.

For most of its history, Flemingdon was almost entirely a lower class neighborhood. However, in 2000 a move was made to encourage upward growth by creating middle class single-family homes and condominiums. Although this effort was somewhat successful, the area remains largely working class. Flemingdon is a very diverse neighborhood due to the explicit purpose of its creation being to house immigrants. A mix of East Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, and Pakistani immigrants form the primary ethnic groups residing in the neighborhood.

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