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Payday Loans in Hillcrest Village, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Hillcrest Village is a neighborhood on the northern edge of the city of Toronto. The rolling hills and valleys of the area likely led to the name of Hillcrest. The presence of the Don River valley and the Duncan Creek in the neighborhood provide a natural sense of beauty to the region. There is extensive park land running along the Creek, offering residents excellent recreational opportunities.

Hillcrest Village is a very economically diverse area. There is a large population of lower-middle class workers in multi-story apartments and higher density housing areas of the neighborhood. There are also many affluent residents who take advantage of the natural beauty and hills of the area to build larger and more desirable homes.

Many recent immigrants have chosen Hillcrest Village as their new home. The neighborhood is overwhelmingly Chinese, with more than 60% of residents identifying that as their ethnicity. Recently, affluent immigrants from China, Hong Kong, and Korea have chosen Hillcrest Village as their home for its cultural familiarity and the opportunity to purchase beautiful homes in the luscious and hilly Duncan Creek valley.

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