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Payday Loans in Humber Summit, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Humber Summit started out as a pioneer community in Toronto, Ontario in the 1840s. The area was mainly used for saw mills and grist. The residents from this early time are still buried at Pine Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery.

Over time it developed into a resort community that was named Riverbank Park, where people started building homes along the Humber River. A majority of these homes were destroyed during Hurricane Hazel, the worst Hurricane in Toronto's history, when the river overflowed. The disaster brought down the value of the area and today is considered a middle class community.

Although a large number of the residents are Italian, Humber Summit is slowly expanding to include a fairly large community of both East Indian and Asian families. Many of the homes in the area were constructed post World War II and are semi-detached backsplits with garages.

Humber Summit is home to two schools: Gracedale Public School, a public elementary school, and Humber Summit Middle School.

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