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Humber Summit in North York Lansing-Westgate
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Payday Loans in Humbermede, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Humbermede is a neighborhood in the North York district of Toronto, Ontario. Although officially designated Humbermede (a named derived from the nearby Humber River) by the city, this neighborhood is more often known as Emery. It began as a farming village in the 1870s and remained relatively undeveloped for nearly 100 years, as it was far from the centers of York and Toronto. However, the population boom in the post-World War II period accelerated growth in Emery. The neighborhood was quickly converted from a rural area to an urban one to house the swelling number of immigrants arriving in Toronto at the time.

Today, Humbermede is an incredibly diverse, mostly residential neighborhood. Some commercial and industrial areas exist in the northern sections. The heavy immigration of the 1960s and later has led to a wide array of cultures in the neighborhood. Students in the local high school identify over 45 different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the restaurants and shops of the area, where a variety of cuisines is available.

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