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Payday Loans in Victoria Village, Toronto, North York, Ontario

Victoria Village is a neighborhood in the North York district of Toronto, Ontario. Also called Sloane, after its main street, this area was developed mostly during the 1960s in response to Toronto's exploding population of the time. With pressure to provide housing to an influx of immigrants, the neighborhood responded with the construction of numerous apartment and high-rises being built on its borders. Inside this ring of larger buildings is a section of mostly single-story homes. Along the Don River valley to the east are larger and more affluent homes, taking advantage of the natural beauty of the look down into the ravines and tree-lined river.

Victoria Village is a mostly middle-class neighborhood, with a median family income just above the Toronto norm. The single-family homes that form its core are a popular spot for newer families looking to settle into residential life. In the last decade, the neighborhood has been making an upward climb economically, as the number of wealthy families has increased and the number of poor families has decreased by 40%.

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