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Payday Loans in Yorkdale-Glen Park, Toronto, North York, Ontario

With the Lawrence Avenue (north), Stayner Avenue (south), Bathurst Street (east) and CNR tracks (west) bounding it, there exists a small neighbourhood called Glen Park in North York. Before being segregated when Metropolitan Toronto was divided in 1998, it was included with the district of North York. Now, it is a part of the Yorkdale-Glen Park community. The homes of this community revolve around 1950s and early 1960s, which included back-splits and bungalows. Its residents are middle-class, suburban Italian-Canadian people who live in brick houses. The centres for amusement in this neighbourhood are the Lawrence Plaza, the big shopping centre at Lawrence Square and areas along Marlee Ave and Dufferin St. People of different origins mix and live together in this community like Italian, Canadian, Jewish, Orthodox and so on. The east part of Englemount is where the Jewish Orthodox community resides. The main communication to this community is through the West Lawrence Avenue and Dufferin Street through buses.

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