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Payday Loans in Blake-Jones, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

Blake-Jones is a neighborhood in the East End district of Toronto, Ontario. Blake-Jones is a small section of the larger Riverdale neighborhood. The area was absorbed into the larger Toronto metropolitan area in the late 1800s and grew significantly at the time. Many of the original houses constructed in that period still stand today. Blake-Jones in particular consists mostly of semi-detached homes constructed in the 1870s to 1930s, a strong period of growth for the city of Toronto.

Over time, and especially during the post-World War II population boom, population pressure forced the construction of extensive public housing in the area. Many residents live in apartments and housing complexes owned by the Toronto Community Housing Corporation, the second largest housing provider in North America. The median income of the community is below the Toronto average and Blake-Jones is typically considered a poor or working class neighborhood. Most residents identify as of English, Scottish, or Irish descent, but there is a large and growing Chinese immigrant minority in Blake-Jones.

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