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Payday Loans in Danforth Village - Toronto, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

Danforth Village is a neighborhood in the East End district of Toronto, Ontario. It is one of the older neighborhoods of Toronto, with roots in the mid-1800s. The construction of a train station in nearby East Toronto caused the area to grow. By the 1910s, Danforth Village had its own streetcar line, further encouraging development. Many of the homes in the neighborhood date to this period of growth. Following the post-World War II boom in Toronto, many taller apartment buildings were constructed in Danforth Village to make room for the exploding population.

Danforth Village is a fairly typical residential neighborhood today with a few unique features. It is home to a large Muslim community and one of the largest Mosques in Toronto. The area is popular with young professionals and artists, due to its proximity to the arts districts and easy subway access, while still maintaining a residential and historic flavor.

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