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Payday Loans in High Park North, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

High Park North is a neighborhood in the West End district of Toronto, Ontario. It was first established as a subdivision in 1883. It takes its name from High Park, a 400 acre park (the largest in the city) and recreation area nearby. Like many neighbourhoods nearer to the core of Toronto, High Park North experienced significant development in the early 1900s. The expanding Canadian rail system brought prosperity and growth to the city during the period. Many of the homes from this time remain, lending an historic flavor to the area.

High Park North is a relatively affluent area. During the 1960s population boom of Toronto, residents fought pressure to increase housing density by knocking down older homes and building apartment complexes in the neighbourhood. Their efforts were mostly successful, although some apartment towers were constructed on the north side of High Park. Today, High Park North is an incredibly attractive destination for upper-middle class families with children due to its highly regarded schools.

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