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High Park-Swansea is a neighbourhood surrounding a municipal park (the eponymous High Park) located in Toronto, Ontario with its Western border touching the residential neighbourhood of Swansea, where it also overlook Grenadier Pond. The park opened in 1876 and is currently the second largest park in the city of Toronto. It is a recreational park as well as a natural park and offers its visitors an array of entertainment.

Grenadier Pond is 35 acres and has become famous for its various myths. One being that due to the mud at the bottom, that it cannot be measured, therefore it's considered "bottomless". It is an excellent spot for fisherman, as it contains a wide variety of different fish. Another notable location in High Park is the Eastern Ravine, which has a small stream and a spring-fed pond. The park is also known for its gardens.

For recreation, the park offers tennis courts, playgrounds, a zoo, the Colborne Lodge historical museum, a train ride and a set of baseball diamonds.

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Everyday people utilize pay day loans for numerous purposes although the one most frequently mentioned is negative borrowing history. In the case of typical big loan companies, sub-standard consumer credit will almost certainly ensure a denial for a lending request. These institutions' refusal to bend is not really well-suited to borrowers' needs. We fully understand less-than-perfect credit is fairly common, then again that doesn't mean these individuals are not at all trustworthy. In contrast to a rather more conventional lending provider, we arrive at our conclusions on a broader scale and employ different standards on top of that so we can provide capital to a good deal more customers.

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