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Payday Loans in Lawrence Park South, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

Lawrence Park South is a residential neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where many of the city's most wealthy citizens live. The area is the site of one of Toronto's earliest garden communities. The development of the area began in 1907 when the Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company brought a part of the land from John Lawrence, the man who would go on to lend his name to the neighborhood. The initial idea was to design a warm neighborhood where Toronto's well to do could socialize and gather at all times of the year. The area is located a few miles north of Lake Ontario and south of North York. Development of the community would be slow and sporadic and would be interrupted several times by war, recession, and depression. The neighborhood would not be completed until the years following the second World War. As of 2011 the average resale value of a house in the area was over 2 million dollars.

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