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Payday Loans in North St. James Town, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

North St. James Town is a neighborhood in downtown Toronto, Ontario. This area began as a middle-class residential suburb of Toronto's nearby downtown core. It was slowly developed over the first half of the 20thcentury. Then, the population of Toronto exploded following World War II as immigration into the city skyrocketed. In need of housing for the new population, the city chose to level the existing homes in this neighborhood and construct a series of high-rise apartment buildings. During the 1960s, 19 such buildings of between 14 and 32 stories were built in St. James Town.

The enormous high-rises of North St. James Town make it the most densely populated neighborhood in Canada. Its residents are mostly immigrants; many of them recently arrived from China, the Phillipines, India, and elsewhere. They are replacing the older immigrant groups who have established an economic foothold and moved elsewhere in the city. The neighborhood is primarily working class, with a median income below the Toronto norm. As Toronto has grown in recent years, fortunes have increased somewhat in the area, with poverty decreasing noticeably in the past decade.

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