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Payday Loans in Palmerston-Little Italy, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

Palmerston or "Little Italy", also known as College Street West, is well known for its vast Italian-Canadian restaurants and businesses. This neighborhood is a big tourist attraction with many people coming from all over the world to see the Italian inspired area and take in the old world feel of Little Italy. Italians started arriving in this area in the early 20thcentury. At first, they settled "œThe Ward" and then, began to move onto College Street and the rest of the neighborhood. In 1966, the first multicultural radio station in Canada, CHIN, was launched by Johnny Lombardi from the studios on College Street. Today, this primarily residential area is popular with young people due to the lively nightlife. It also draws tourists coming to see the Italian Walk of Fame. Many granite and brass stars line the streets paying homage to the achievements of successful Italian people like Connie Francis, Dean Martin and Connie Stevens.

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