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Payday Loans in South Riverdale, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

South Riverdale is a neighborhood in the East End district of Toronto, Ontario, in the original city of Toronto pre-amalgamation. Located along a major railway and separated by the Don River from the heart of Toronto, this neighborhood is somewhat older than those to its north or east. It developed as a residential area over the latter half of the 19thcentury and many of the Victorian era homes can still be seen in South Riverdale today. One of the largest parks in the city, Riverdale Park, is located here, straddling the banks of the Don River.

South Riverdale is a popular location for middle-class families, with its highly rated schools, park space, and proximity to the center of Toronto. In recent years, property values have risen to meet the demand for such appealing homes and South Riverdale is slowly becoming a more affluent neighborhood as a result. The percentage of families earning over $100,000 a year has more than doubled in the last decade. As Toronto grows, this process will continue to reshape the neighborhood.

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