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Payday Loans in University, Toronto, Old City of Toronto, Ontario

The University of Toronto Area is a neighborhood in downtown Toronto, Ontario. This neighborhood is one of the densest population centers in Toronto. It serves as a home to a wide variety of residents, including university students, professors, and young professionals working in the nearby Financial District, as well as immigrants and other working classes. Located at the heart of the city, there are numerous employment and housing options as well as some of the best transit access in Toronto. Those factors, along with the incredible array of shopping and entertainment options available within walking distance, make the University area an attractive home for nearly anyone.

The University of Toronto itself dominates the eastern half of the neighborhood. Established in 1827, it was the first higher education institution in southern Ontario. It serves over 45,000 students and is consistently ranked as the top university in Canada and one of the best in the world. It has world-renowned research programs and was responsible for the discovery of insulin and stem-cells, two of the most important medical advances in the history of the field.

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