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Payday Loans in Centennial Scarborough, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

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Fast Facts

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Centennial Scarborough is a neighborhood in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario. Also known as Port Union, this neighborhood grew from the small lakeside town of the same name. Port Union was a sleepy waterside town for more than 60 years, until the booming post-World War II expansion of Toronto necessitated expansion. In the 1960s, Centennial Scarborough was planned as a residential community. It featured a large, rigidly grid-like area in the eastern portion and more naturally developing areas to the west.

The highly desirable lake-side property in the quaint Port Union area and the quality of the new constructions in Centennial Scarborough in general has led to this being a very affluent neighborhood. The residents of the area earn a median income almost twice that of Toronto in general. There is a high degree of home ownership in the neighborhood, well over 90%. The majority of residents identify as English, Canadian, Irish, or Scottish.

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