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Payday Loans in Dorset Park, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Dorset Park is a neighborhood in eastern Toronto, Ontario. Like much of the former Toronto suburb Scarborough, the Dorset Park neighborhood was largely undeveloped until the post-World War II period of the 1950s, which saw significant growth in the region. Located along a rail line, Dorset Park was in an excellent position for expansion at the time.

Dorset Park is primarily a middle class neighborhood. Its residents earn the same on average as the typical Toronto family. Due to its late development and relative lack of outstanding geographical features, the neighborhood has far fewer wealthy families than the average. The neighborhood is experiencing some vitalization as the first generation of residents from the founding are gradually being replaced by young couples with children.

With a position along a rail line and Highway 401, Dorset Park is home to some industrial and commercial space. There is a business district stretching south from the highway, including high-rises, the Kennedy Commons mall, and numerous small business. Kraft Foods and Laura Secord, a Canadian chocolates company, have factories in the area.

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