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Payday Loans in Eglinton East, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Eglinton East is located to the East of Toronto Main and is also referred by the name "knob hill". Majority of the immigration happened between the years 1980 and 200. High percentage of the immigrants came from South Asian Countries like Sri Lanka and India and also from Caribbean countries like Guyana and Jamaica. The ethnic group has a mixture of Canadians, East Indians and English people living in this region. South Asian group of people forms a major portion of the minority population in Eglinton East. When compared to the whole of Toronto, Eglinton East has a higher percentage of lone parents and renters living in the region.

One of the major attractions in Eglinton is the Toronto public Library. This library offers a number of programs for people of different age groups. There are a number of restaurants in this region serving cuisines from across the globe including Japanese, Italian, Mexican and South Asian cuisine. Scarborough Paint center is another popular shopping destination in this region providing hardware accessories, and Lighting and garden accessories.

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