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Payday Loans in Highland Creek, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Highland Creek is a neighbourhood near the far eastern edge of Toronto, Ontario. It is named for the Highland Creek river which flows through the Scarborough section of Toronto and into Lake Ontario. Because of the presence of this water source, the area was settled early by natives. It was taken over by non-natives in the late 1700s and used primarily as farmland due to the easy water access. The pioneer spirit of those times is still celebrated today during the Highland Creek Heritage Day. In 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed much of the neighbourhood and caused massive flooding of Highland Creek.

In the 1960s, the University of Toronto purchased land in Highland Creek and opened the Scarborough College. The presence of this campus, known as the University of Toronto Scarborough today, has had a positive impact on the neighbourhood, raising property values significantly. The open space and river valley combined with the proximity of the University have led to Highland Creek being a relatively affluent neighbourhood. The average family earns almost double the average Toronto income.

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