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Payday Loans in Kennedy Park, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Kennedy Park is a neighborhood in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario. It is also known as Scarborough Junction. Like many neighborhoods in Toronto, Kennedy Park began as a small village in the 1800s. However, unlike most neighborhoods in the area, it was heavily settled in the late 1890s. This was due to its location along the tracks of two major railways. When the population of Toronto grew significantly in the post-World War II era, Kennedy Park was well positioned to be incorporated into the city proper and accept the growing numbers of immigrants. The ease of travel to the rest of the city offered by the rail lines made the neighborhood a very attractive home.

Kennedy Park is a mostly lower middle class neighborhood. Its residents earn a median income just below the Toronto norm. The affordable homes and easy travel draw middle class couples looking to start a family. A vibrant shopping district has developed over the years along Eglington Avenue, the northern border of the neighborhood.

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