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Payday Loans in Malvern, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Located in the northeastern section of Toronto, the Malvern neighborhood can trace its roots back to 1856 when it was a sleepy farming community served by a post office of that name. Originally a part of Scarborough, it became part of Toronto proper in 1998 when former city was incorporated into the metropolis.

Today Malvern is a young, vibrant working class neighborhood made up largely of Caribbean Canadians as well as a sizable population with Filipino and Southeast Asian roots. Most of the homes in the area are smaller and set on neat, well-kept yards. In the recent past, Malvern had some struggles with gang activity, but efforts by local law enforcement have allowed this neighborhood to bloom. It now boasts Rouge Park, Canada's only urban park setting, as well as serving as home to the Toronto Zoo and a newly built public library.

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