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Payday Loans in Rouge, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Rouge is a neighborhood in the far northeastern corner of the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario. It is the largest neighborhood by area in Toronto and encompasses several smaller neighborhoods including Rouge Hill, West Rouge, and Hillside. There are many river valleys in the area, leading to significant amounts of park and farm land. The neighborhood remained largely unsettled until the 1950s and 1960s when Toronto experienced significant growth due to post-World War II immigration. With such abundance of space, most of the development at this time was composed of single family homes with generous lawns and a pleasant, suburban feel.

Today, Rouge is a middle and upper-middle class neighborhood. The amazing natural beauty and remoteness of the area make it attractive to affluent families seeking a less city-bound life. Over the past decade, the percentage of families making over $100,000 has increased by 50%, a sign of the growing gentrification of the neighborhood.

The Toronto Zoo is located in Rouge, along the Rouge River. It is the largest zoo in Canada at over 700 acres. The Toronto Zoo is an extremely popular tourist attraction and is continuing to expand and grow, taking advantage of the available space in Rouge.

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