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Payday Loans in Scarborough Village, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Scarborough Village, also known as Scarborough Heights, is one of the earliest settlements of the former Township of Scarborough. It was established as a crossover village in the 1800's by Cornell and Secor because of its proximity to Lake Ontario. It was the first settlement in the Township of Scarborough to have a post office, which was built in 1832. It became a subdivision on 1856 and its first schoolhouse was erected in 1860. Today, it is a quiet neighborhood offering affordable housing and breath- taking panoramic views of Lake Ontario. This neighborhood has large estate homes mixed with more modest homes and the whole neighborhood offers lush landscapes and beautiful trees. Within a few miles of this neighborhood, you will find Scarborough Bluffs and Toronto's east end waterfront parks. Scarborough Village also offers great shopping and plenty of restaurants with a laid back feel and many community members enjoy the Scarborough Recreation Center and Scarborough Village Theatre.

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