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Payday Loans in Steeles, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Steeles lies in the former municipality of Scarborough on the northern edge of Toronto. The area was mostly deciduous forest before it was developed and the only area that remains significantly covered in original vegetation is the L'Amoreaux woodlot. This makes the park land around the pond in L'Amoreaux Park some of the most scenic in the neighborhood. Dr. Ron Williamson found the origins of this settlement in an archeological dig next to this pond. He discovered artifacts from a Huron-Wendat village that thrived around 1400 C.E. This area was great farmland, even dating back to the days of this early settlement. The last farm to be assimilated was the Shepton Farm. Today, the neighborhood is part of the Chinatown of Scarborough-Agincourt. There are two annual events that take place in Steeles that are worth noting. In the spring, the neighborhood hosts the Mary Ward Multimedia Exhibition which showcases large scale installation based art and technology. The other is the Guyana Festival that celebrates the independence of Guyana and has been recognized as the largest gathering of Guyanese outside of Guyana.

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