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Payday Loans in Tam O'Shanter-Sullivan, Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario

Tom O'Shanter-Sullivan is a neighborhood in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario. Like many neighborhoods in the district, it began with the founding of a post office at the intersection of two major (at the time) roads that connected outlying farms and communities. The area remained mostly rural farmland until the 1960s when the population boom in Toronto made land near the city so valuable for development that the farms had to be sold. The development group was awarded for the quality of their work, and that is reflected in the character of the neighborhood. Tom O'Shanter-Sullivan has a well-planned suburban atmosphere that has lasted half a century, with tree-lined streets, large sidewalks, and a beautiful golf course.

Today, Tom O'Shanter-Sullivan is a well-regarded middle class neighborhood. Bordered to the south by a rail line and Highway 401, it has excellent transportation access to the rest of the city while maintaining a strong suburban feel. The median family income in the neighborhood is just over the Toronto norm and has been generally stable over the past decade, as Tom O'Shanter-Sullivan has avoided both decline and gentrification in the face of a growing Toronto.

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