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Payday Loans in Beechborough-Greenbrook, Toronto, York, Ontario

Beechborough-Greenbrook is a neighborhood in the York district of Toronto, Ontario. It forms the northern half of the larger Silverthorn neighborhood. Before the city of York was absorbed into the greater Toronto metropolitan area, its commercial and municipal centers were located in this area. As an older neighborhood that was not as rigidly laid out and developed as other, newer Toronto suburbs, Beechborough-Greenbrook is filled primarily with one way streets, winding roads, and many hills.

The Beechborough-Greenbrook neighborhood is mostly working class. Around 60% of the population lives in small apartment buildings. A majority of residents are Roman Catholic, of Italian and Portuguese descent. There is also a growing Jamaican population. The median income of the neighborhood is slightly below the Toronto norm. Although Beechborough-Greenbrook offers an attractively short commute to downtown Toronto and a unique street structure, there has been little gentrification due to the neighborhood and family focused nature of the communities residing there.

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