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Payday Loans in Caledonia-Fairbank, Toronto, York, Ontario

Caledonia-Fairbank is a neighbourhood in the York district of Toronto, Ontario. The neighbourhood was established, like many in Toronto, around the presence a post office in the late 1800s. Fairbank is characterized by a series of rolling hills that rise to the north, culminating in Briar Hill. This unique geography led to the construction of mostly winding and one-way roads through the neighbourhood. The area developed steadily with the rest of Toronto and York into the 1930s, with most of the homes in Fairbanks being constructed at this time. Due to the winding roads and hilly nature of the neighbourhood forcing a lower density of houses, many of the homes are multi-story rather than the more common single story bungalows of the period.

Caledonia-Fairbanks is a working class neighbourhood. It hosts a large and multi-generational immigrant population, primarily Italians, Portuguese, and West Indians. Over 60% of the residents identify as Roman Catholic. There is a sense of community and family in the neighbourhood.

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