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Payday Loans in Mount Dennis, Toronto, York, Ontario

Mount Dennis is a neighborhood in the York district of Toronto, Ontario. It was named both for its first owner, John Dennis, and its location atop a series of rolling hills. It is bordered by the Humber River to the west and Black Creek to the east. These natural features give the neighborhood a lush and green atmosphere. The neighborhood itself was created somewhat spontaneously by the workers of the nearby Eastman Kodak Company factory. Over time, various small developments filled in the gaps and an eclectic, working-class residential neighborhood was created.

Over the years, the small, affordable housing available in Mount Dennis has attracted a wide array of immigrants. The neighborhood is one of the most diverse in Toronto. There are thousands of families in the area that speak a non-English first language. Over 11 languages are spoken by more than 100 families each as a mother tongue. Mount Dennis has maintained its working class roots throughout the years, and has a median family income slightly below the Toronto norm. Over the past decade, the incidence of extreme poverty has diminished in the neighborhood, and income has risen slightly as the immigrant population generates progressively more wealth the longer they've been in the country.

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