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Payday Loans in Rockcliffe-Smythe, Toronto, York, Ontario

Rockcliffe-Smythe started out as a farming community in the 1800's and has developed into a mostly working class area that offers lots of open green space. When Smythe Gravel Pit opened in the 1920's, the neighborhood grew into a mostly residential neighborhood that is home to a large Latin American community. It was part of York until the amalgamation of Toronto in 1998. The gravel pit eventually closed down and is now the location of Smythe Park and the Smythe Park Recreation and Community Center, which is near the center of the neighborhood. It is one of Toronto's lowest neighborhoods in terms of average income and average house prices. Rockcliff-Smythe was part of York until the amalgamation of Toronto in 1998. It has also broken down into the smaller neighborhoods of Syme and Harwood. Syme is named after George Syme who settled the area in 1862 and was the one of the longest serving school trustees in Ontario.

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