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What can you do when there isn't any money left and waiting until payroll isn't an option?

  • See if anyone will consider an IOU
  • You might find someone who will accept post-dated cheques
  • You can clear out your RRSP and suffer a big penalty
  • You could head to a local cash advance business and get a cash loan
  • It's possible that your manager may give you an employee loan
  • Your best bet is being lent some money from My Canada Payday. You can end up with as much as $1500 as a loan. We want to be the greatest lender you'll ever find.

Why borrow at My Canada Payday?

  • Secure loan process
  • Money sent by EFT
  • We have a lending license
  • You can expect approval in 30 minutes or less
  • Easy Interac transfers
  • Faxless approval
  • Hassle-free, fast and expert service

The process of applying is very quick nowadays!

  • The time required to manage your application is incredibly quick
  • Your account receives the money directly.
  • Your payment is deducted straight from your account.
  • The application is very brief

We Lend Across Canada

We offer online payday loans across Canada. Below are the provinces we operate in, as well as some of the major cities we lend in.