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Payday Loans in East York, Toronto, Ontario

While people who take out payday loans in East York vary quite a bit, they do have a number of common factors. Perhaps surprisingly, age, gender, income and other demographics are not that significant. Payday borrowers come from all walks of life. However, there there are two main reasons why people select payday loans:

Time is a common factor in choosing a payday loan over a regular loan. Banks can take weeks or months to approve a loan. Payday lenders give you your money in fifteen minutes. By the time a regular loan arrives the bill that it was intended to pay will already be overdue and probably incurring penalties or other fees. When you have an urgent matter, a payday loan is really the only sensible choice.

Sometimes the reason for going with a payday loan instead of a regular bank loan is bad credit. Typically banks take credit reports very seriously, which is for a number of reasons, not all of which make sense in the context of a payday loan. What banks fail to recognize is that the duration of the loan is highly relevant to whether a loan will be paid back. Credit reports often reflect a long term tendency towards risk that is not reflective of current circumstances.

If it's East York that you are looking to get a payday loan in, then My Canada Payday is an ideal candidate. We are government licensed by the province of Ontario so you have a strong avenue of recourse if you have any disputes that you can't solve with us, and we are highly motivated to treat you properly.

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