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Payday Loans in East York, Toronto, Ontario

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While people who take out payday loans in East York vary quite a bit, they do have a number of common factors. Perhaps surprisingly, age, gender, income and other demographics are not that significant. Payday borrowers come from all walks of life. However, there there are two main reasons why people select payday loans:

Time is a common factor in choosing a payday loan over a regular loan. Banks can take weeks or months to approve a loan. Payday lenders give you your money in fifteen minutes. By the time a regular loan arrives the bill that it was intended to pay will already be overdue and probably incurring penalties or other fees. When you have an urgent matter, a payday loan is really the only sensible choice.

Sometimes the reason for going with a payday loan instead of a regular bank loan is bad credit. Typically banks take credit reports very seriously, which is for a number of reasons, not all of which make sense in the context of a payday loan. What banks fail to recognize is that the duration of the loan is highly relevant to whether a loan will be paid back. Credit reports often reflect a long term tendency towards risk that is not reflective of current circumstances.

If it's East York that you are looking to get a payday loan in, then My Canada Payday is an ideal candidate. We are government licensed by the province of Ontario so you have a strong avenue of recourse if you have any disputes that you can't solve with us, and we are highly motivated to treat you properly.

Broadview North is a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. Like much of East York, this area was mostly developed in the 1920s and 1930s in a strict, block-like manner. After World War II, the population of Toronto was expanding rapidly, and the Broadview North area was perfectly placed to provide for the need for more dense housing. Its location on the underdeveloped edge of East York, but still close to downtown Toronto made this area ideal for construction of apartment high-rises for the waves of working class immigrants arriving in Toronto.

This historic influence remains today, as Broadview North is a diverse and ethnic neighborhood with large minorities of Greeks and Serbians in addition to English, Irish, and Scottish peoples. The neighborhood remains working class for the most part, with a median income below the Toronto norm. Low housing costs and proximity to downtown Toronto do make the neighborhood somewhat attractive to home-buyers, and what few houses were built in the early days of the area are slowly being replaced with larger homes and duplexes.

Crescent Town began back in 1887, the result of Hart Massey's son Walter Massey purchasing a large piece of land and starting a farm. My Canada Payday may not have been around back then, but residents of the area were surely impoverished by the lack of access to short term credit at the time. Area residents probably ran into trouble just like people do today, and even Walter Massey would have benefited from locals being able to afford the fresh eggs and poultry that his farm offered.

Danforth Village lies right between East York and the Old Town of Toronto. It has been around since the late 19th century, making it an area with some history to it. In 2006 the census recorded 14,629 residents, some of whom surely needed to get a payday loan, but at that time were unable to get one from My Canada Payday as we were not lending in this area at that time. That's all changed now in 2013, and you can rely on us for all your short term borrowing needs.

Leaside-Bennington is a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. Named for the home of settler John Lea, the town proper began its major development in the 1910s. The Canadian Northern Railway purchased the area to provide homes for a community to support their rail yard. The convenient rail access produced significant industrial growth, but very few individuals chose to move to the somewhat remote (at the time) neighborhood. Rapid industrialization during World War I and through World War II eventually led to a growth in the residential population of Leaside-Bennington.

The wealth generated by booming industrial concerns in the area led to Leaside-Bennington becoming the upper-middle class neighborhood it is today. Along with this prosperity came excellent schools, a vibrant shopping district, and access to public transit to serve the needs of the populace. Today, Leaside-Bennington is seen as an attractive neighborhood for affluent families with children. Over 2/3 of the families in the neighborhood earn an income of over $100,000 a year and over 60% of the houses are occupied by couples with children.

O'Connor-Parkview is a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. This is an official city designation for a collection of three diverse but nearby neighborhoods in the area: Topham Park, Woodbine Gardens, and Parkview Hills. Nestled near the Don River Valley and fed by several creeks, this area is lush with green space and rolling hills.

Topham Park is a small and quaint neighborhood with a strong sense of community and family. The homes here are noted for their large lawns and relative uniformity of construction. This neighborhood maintains a sense of continuity, as many younger people from the area choose to return when they start their own family.

Woodbine Gardens is built on the grounds of a former golf course. Its entire southern border consists of the Taylor Creek Park. This is the most populous area of O'Connor-Parkview, as it is the only one of the three to incorporate a significant number of high-rises.

Parkview Hills contains the most affluent area in O'Connor-Parkview. It is bordered by park land to the north and the south, and is the closest to the Don River. Homes and lots in Parkview Hills are relatively large and the prices have risen recently as increasing population in Toronto drives up demand for these beautiful homes located relatively close to the downtown area.

Old East York is, unsurprisingly, a neighborhood in the East York district of Toronto, Ontario. It is a large neighborhood comprising many smaller pieces, each with its own distinct flavor. This area was relatively unsettled for the early part of Toronto's history, until the rapid growth of the city in the first half of the 20thcentury forced the urbanization of the surrounding land. In effort to accommodate the booming population, Old East York was rapidly developed. This is reflected in the uniformity and grid-like nature of the majority of its layout.

Developing as it did to house families in the 1920s-1940s, Old East York over time became one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto, with a median age well above the norm. As those generations pass, young families are moving into the area to take advantage of the pleasant and affordable residential neighborhood located comparatively close to the Toronto center. For these reasons, over the past decade average incomes have risen significantly in the area and the number of affluent families has increased even more dramatically.

Thorncliffe park is a multi-cultural neighborhood of about 30,000 people. The neighborhood is located in the eastern section of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is bounded by the Don River on the east and Millwood road on the west. The area was originally owned by Robert T Davies the founder of the Dominion Brewing Company. Davies raced horses at his nearby Thorncliffe stables and the area would house a popular horse racing track until 1952 when the Thorncliffe Park Raceway racetrack was sold. The area then became the site of some of Toronto's earliest high-rise residential neighborhoods. The residential Leaside towers of Thorncliffe park are among the tallest buildings in Toronto. The East York Town Centre is the central location of the area's retail establishments and it is accessible to all Thorncliffe citizens by sidewalk or public transportation. The Thorncliffe park area has a large immigrant population and as of 2001 almost 70 percent of the citizens living in the community were immigrants.

Woodbine-Lumsden region in Toronto has a comparatively lower immigration population than the other regions in Toronto's diverse neighbourhoods. This is one of the neighbourhoods in Toronto that has a significantly higher percentage of Canadian citizens. Woodbine- Lumsden has a higher percentage of Chinese and Iranian immigrants than the immigrants from other countries. The Canadians, English and Scottish ethic group form a majority of the ethic population in this region.

This region was once a senior citizen hot spot. Over a period of time, young couples started to buy condo homes in Woodbine-Lumsden region. It has a number of recreational facilities in the form of East York Curling club, East York skate park and East York memorial Arena. Shoppers world Danforth Plaza is a stones' throw away from this region. Community people have open green spaces to spend their spare time in the form of Stan Wadlow park. This park is located at the conjunction of Don River and Taylor-Massey Creek. Two Elementary schools and two middle schools serve the student population in this community.

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